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Business directory listing

I noticed that the new ECN for the Tiny House association has a business directory, something like a yellow-pages, is that going to be available for other ECNs in the future?

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9/11/2017 1:59:36 AM,
Brian P. Christie replied:

Brainsy works in partnership with organizations like professional societies or industry associations and many of them find it useful to have a business directory of members, suppliers, or vendors that is specific to their industry. So yes, when our partners have this need, we will offer it alongside the expert communities as an additional form of non-dues revenue. And it's very beneficial to companies that have both a premium listing in the directory and an expert participating in the community as those two things can be linked which makes the "yellow pages" like listing come to life with interactivity.

11/9/2017 1:00:25 AM,
Brian P. Christie replied:

Here's another example of a recently launched directory or "Digital Marketplace" as this one is called. https://cannabis.expertcallingnetwork.com/listing