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Are you considering any Bitcoin or Blockchain related investments?

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Brad Holden
Brad Holden  replied:

Yes. We have looked at many and I personally own a decent amount of bitcoin. I'm very bullish on the long term applications of the blockchain but we haven't found the right application or business to back yet. That being said, we passed on Coinbase right after YC demo day, so that was clearly a mistake

Anonymous  replied:

Well missing out on Coinbase is not nevessarily a mistake. As you noted it's very early in the game.  Whether Bitcoin lives or dies is immaterial to the greater proposition; the emergence of globally and digitally distributed, consensus-based value creation. This is the most important discussion of our time and the basis for how we live and work for probably the next few hundred years. 


You can think of Botcoin as the Model-T Ford of our movement. The Ferarri has yet to be conceived.