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Are association boards open to being challenged?

Are association boards open to being challenged? It would seem that your role as a contrarian wouldn't get you invited to many association executive management parties.

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Jeff De Cagna
Jeff De Cagna  replied:

This response may come as a surprise, but in my experience, most boards are open to participating in processes through which they can challenge their own thinking, especially their orthodox beliefs. Orthodox beliefs are deep-seated assumptions about what their organizations are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. Orthodox beliefs are the most insidious form of resistance to transformation because they are invisible, accepted as truth, and thus highly influential in the way associations conduct their business, often to their detriment.

When these conversations are conducted with care, most boards want to examine orthodox beliefs and understand how they may prevent their associations from thriving in the years ahead. The real challenge for association boards going forward is thinking and acting beyond orthodoxy. It is not enough for association boards to surface and maintain an awareness of orthodoxy. Boards must make a commitment to move their decision-making processes beyond orthodox beliefs to embrace new ways of thinking about the future.