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Any advice for what makes a good professional photo for linkedin?

I have emphasized personal branding during my own teaching to business students but I have not been effective at getting through to them about the importance of maintaining a professional presence online.   The photos seem like an easy place to start but with people posting selfies instead of a professional photo what is the acceptable photo format that works best for linkedin?

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Sandra Long
Sandra Long  replied:

A professional looking headshot photo is essential for a LinkedIn profile. I always suggest a photo taken by a professional photographer if the person can afford that investment. The photo, headline, and summary are all very strategic and often people don't focus their energy on these critical LinkedIn profile sections.  I recommend a photo showing shoulders and head only of one individual.  Try not to use a "photo cut out." Professional attire and a smile are also important. If you are working with business students, perhaps you can find a photographer on campus who will take all the photos on a LinkedIn Photo day? Many schools like this idea.