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Feature list for Marketing Microsite 

Business or Organization
Basic Listing Microsite
Price Free $75/year
Basic organization or company name, address, contact, website address 
“Following” referral links to your main site (get traffic & great for SEO) x
Referral commissions! Earn up to $100,000 each year for bringing your network x
Company logo   x
Masthead image x
Image gallery x
Featured on ECOsystem login page (rotated among others) x
Your featured Contributors on your Microsite (if applicable) x
Long form text description & highlights with links x
Build your following! Link to 7+ social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) x
Your video displays on your Microsite  x
Your tweets published in community feed / on your Microsite  x
Interactive Q&A (online) with prospective clients  x
Publishing rights to community blog (knowledge board) so that you can create content with anchor text and keyword links (great for SEO) x
Media gallery to post brochures and documents x
Real time follower tracking and content push notifications to followers x
Real time integration with your twitter account so your activity is amplified & broadcast to more than just the twitter community x
Many more… ! x
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