Eightfold Technology

325 W Gurley St #202
Prescott, AZ 86301

Built upon years of industry knowledge, and lessons learned from their prior agency, co-founders Henry Ebarb and Steven Kreschollek set their minds upon creating a new agency; one built ready for the ever changing technological landscapes of today.

Eightfold was built upon the idea that web technology should never be shrouded in mystery - code is merely the tool used to solve problems and at its core, Eightfold is a problem solving company. We're constantly evolving, growing, and building to ever meet the demands of an industry still finding its foothold.


Marketing Development

Site SEO
A site needs to be optimized for the user - if that is accomplished, it should be optimized for the search engine. Regardless, there is always the need for good E-A-T methodology and approach.

Tools / Technology Integration
Proper integration and execution of marketing tech is necessary to reap the full benefit of any product your organization is paying for. Forrester research indicated 65% of polled marketing professionals have concerns over their data resources and the quality given execution and integration. Let’s solve these issues, together.

Marketing Communication
Once you have the data, you’ll need a communication plan in place to begin developing that data into action. We at Eightfold have always been proponents of starting simple and scaling quickly with a communication plan. We develop a strategy and begin the execution, constantly reassessing and reaffirming our approach.


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