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Brianna Brannan

FIRST & LASTING impressions

Why do you need a brand?
In a world where advertisements are everywhere and attention span is decreasing, it’s becoming crucial that your business has a memorable brand. Having a brand tied to your business versus just a business creates an opportunity for people to actually connect with you. Having a brand humanizes your business.

Find your TRIBE

Build your brand for a niche
There are TOO MANY people out there, we know this. In the age of influencers, we are learning that you need to find a niche to speak to. You won’t be able to have a brand that speaks to everyone, so find your nook, your tribe, and your PEOPLE who will likely align with your brand. It will be much more doable to create content if you start out by speaking to one group.


Our basic branding package is for a business that is just getting started, perhaps has a website, but is lacking consistency. This package is an ideal option if you want to get your brand started off on the right path. Through templates, examples, and thorough research you will have a clear brand voice and memorable appearance across your website and social media. Here is what’s included in your Branding Kit:
– Brand Strategy
– Color Palette
– Typography Template
– Graphics/Related Stock Photography
– Brand & Visual Inspiration
– Competitive Landscape
– Brand Voice
– Buyer Persona
– Website edit recommendations to align with brand
– Naming Guidelines
– Template to be used by teams internally
The Branding kit is a guideline within a PDF.  It also includes other deliverables such as PNGs, JPGs, PSD, and .DOC.

Our entire brand buildout package is for a business that wants the production and execution of their content to all come from the same place. The benefit of doing this is that your brand’s content and visuals are much more aligned and consistent.

Digital Nomad Designs will get your brand on the right track by providing unique & custom stock photography, writing content that develops your brand voice, and aligning your brand across all platforms. Here’s what’s included: 


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