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At Boyle Public Affairs, we create, shape and penetrate compelling conversations to help you build thriving relationships with customers, members, the media, investors, policymakers and the public. 


If only it were enough to be brilliant and visionary! That’s a good place to start, but communicating your knowledge and opinions to the audiences your business or organization needs to cultivate in the education sector – amidst a very crowded marketplace of ideas — requires strategic (and dogged) amplification.

We can help you reach (or enhance) your thought leader status in the media, online, and at major events by:

  • Identifying your unique and marketable personal brand
  • Packaging your vision and expertise
  • Getting you seen, read, heard and followed  WIDELY
  • Traditional and social media, inbound marketing, speaking engagements, publishing — these are just some of the ways we help our clients “break through” to establish themselves and their organizations as influential leaders within their industries or among their target audiences.


Having a great story is just not enough.
Your website is your online, 24×7 salesforce. If it’s not attracting enough visitors or converting them into leads for sales, membership, attendance, advocacy or donations, then your site isn’t doing its job. We help our clients build sites that are marketing and lead generating machines from the day they’re launched! And with built-in feedback, analytics and conversion mechanisms, they constantly prove — and improve — their value.

Growth-Driven Design
For those dreading the often overwhelming task of redesigning a website, we have a solution that makes the process surprisingly fast, easy and continually rewarding. Quite simply, it’s how websites SHOULD be developed today. Rather than spending massive amounts of time and money on an all-at-once, everything-for-everybody approach that assures the site will be outdated by its launch (and likely behind schedule and over-budget), you can have a great-looking site built in iterations that are based on priorities, user feedback and performance analytics.

The benefits of Growth-Driven Design are:

  • A quick-launch new website developed in about one-quarter of the time necessary for a one-and-done site;
  • Continuous build-out and improvement based on actual performance results – not predictions;
  • Unlimited adding and “tweaking” capability – no rigid revision limits;
  • The ability to add the latest new features without redoing the entire site; and
  • Fees based on a monthly retainer that includes marketing analytics and collaborative site optimization.



“Jim Boyle is the most well-connected person I have ever met in the field of education. When I attended the ASU-GSV Education Innovation Summit, we literally held court in the main lobby and a parade of investors, foundation heads, education company CEOs and school officials recognized and spoke with Jim. He and his team of associates are first-rate professionals.” – C. Jackson Grayson. APQC  Education

“Over the past several years, Boyle Public Affairs has secured national broadcast stories about the strength of the RV business and supported our local efforts to boost Go RVing’s experiential marketing outreach.  Most recently, Jim Boyle and his team led a tremendous PR effort for the launch of the RV Technical Institute, the industry’s $10 million commitment to developing and training our workforce.  They are smart, savvy and vital to our success.” – James Ashurst, Recreational Vehicle Industry Association

“Boyle Public Affairs’ grasp on messaging to university and high school administrators and faculty has helped to grow our campus tour business from a regional to a national leader.  For over seven years, they’ve developed and implemented marketing communications strategies that are creative, economical and based on analytics.”  – Kathie Boozer, ExploreColleges

“The great thing about Boyle Public Affairs is not only the PR outcomes they achieve – which are outstanding – but also their open, proactive, and transparent way of working with us as a client.” – Mark Jacobs, Brain Sentry


Altius Education
Appletree Institute for Education Innovation
APQC Education
Building Hope
Capital E
Center for Education Reform
College Lead Exchange
College Save
Explore Colleges
Fidelis Education
Foundry College
Framework Consulting
Graduation Alliance
Higher EdTECH
Highland Campus Health Group
Kenzie Academy
National Education Week
Parents as Teachers
Penn Foster
Rebuilding America’s Middle Class
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute
Saylor Academy
Unbound Concepts
Your College Concierge

Trade Associations
American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment
American Medical Association
Advanced Energy Management Alliance
CropLife America
Custom Tailors & Designers Association
Go RVing
Let Us Grieve
Maryland Chamber of Commerce
RV Industry Association
Southwestern Fertilizer Conference
United Fresh Produce Association
American Seed Trade Association

Professional Services
Allen Wayne
Andrus Anderson, LLP
Artlin Consulting
38 North Solutions
DolJenn Performance Consulting LLC
Family Wealth Advisors Council
GCS, Inc.
Maslansky + Partners
Monarch Strategies
Overland Resource Group
Tercon Consulting
Vogel, Slade, & Goldstein LLP
Safe Ports
Springer Lawson and Associates

Barrel of Jobs
Data Blueprint
Discover Technologies
e-Doctor, Inc.
InfernoRed Technology
IST Research
New Signature
Yost Labs

Non-profit/ Government
Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute
French-American Cultural Foundation
Farley-Kluger Initiative to Amend the Family Medical Leave Act
Library of Congress
Maryland Public Television
National Defense University Foundation
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
U.S. Small Business Administration 

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