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FAQs for InCallSM Account Holders:
Q: Am I obligated to have calls with just anyone?
A: You have full control over your InCall Account and may decline any Call Requests in which you don’t wish to participate. You can set your InCall call availability on “unavailable” when you are not available to respond to Call Requests.     

Q: Who determines the Calling rate that I should post on my Profile?
A: You do! You set the rate at which you’ll accept Call Requests and can change it at any time prior to a Call Request being initiated.  

Q: How do I talk with the person that has requested a call with me?
A: You will receive a system notification on your control panel and an email notification with instructions to dial into the InCall Platform and the platform will bridge you to the person requesting a call with you. 

Q: How do I get paid for an InCall discussion?  
A: After you have completed an InCall, your posted rate (minus our fees) will be deposited directly into your bank account. It may take a day or two for funds to show up in your account — but that’s due to the nature of the banking system. Our instructions to send you funds are made immediately after you complete the call.

Q: Will you give out my telephone number?
A: Never. All calls are routed through the InCall platform. We will not share your telephone number with any Consumers and we will not share Consumer telephone numbers with you.

Q: I’ve received a Call Request for 1 hour. Who keeps track of the time?
A: Since you are bridging to the Consumer through the InCall platform, you and the other party will both be notified 2 minutes prior to the end of the call and then the call with terminate promptly at the end of the reserved time.

Q: After an InCall call with someone, am I required to always use the InCall platform to have future calls with that person?
A:  Not at all. You may decide to do so for billing convenience — but after the initial call, you are free to take future discussions off the platform.
Q: Am I required to affix an InCall Badge to my other social media profiles?
A: You are not required to affix an InCall Badge to your other social media profiles but we recommend it as it may help get you discovered.

Q: Will my InCall Badge be visibile to LinkedIn non-members who view my (partial) LinkedIn Profile?
 A: No, but if you’ve affixed your InCall Badge to your LinkedIn profile, any logged-in LinkedIn member can see the InCall Badge on your LinkedIn profile.   

Q: Can I distribute the URL / link for my  InCallSM Profile directly to others?
A: Yes! The URL to your  InCallSM profile is a Permalink and will not change — so you may distribute it anyway you like.    

Q: Will you issue tax documentation for my earnings?
A: If your profile accounts for more $20,000 and more than 200 transactions in any given year, then you will receive a form 1099 that you can file with your taxes.  

Q: I’m not from the United States, can I be an expert?
A: As this time, only US based experts (with a US telephone # and a US bank account) may participate as experts.

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